Top Tips To Throw A Not-So-Typical Party

When I say party, all you can muster up in your mind is, yet again, walking through the door to be hit with the air hot and wet carrying the smell of sweat, bodies swaying to the orthodox songs blaring from the boom box and fruit punch flowing down the counter tops. Now you might want throw a party that’s absolutely not along the above mentioned lines. So read below for a few tips on how to host a party that’ll be the talk of the town and not just a typical disaster of confetti and chaos.

Don’t Overlook The Invitation.

A simple “Party on Friday night. Be there” would be extremely simple and less time consuming but have you ever put thought into how many guests would actually turn up after reading the typical text message? The majority of us overlook the invitation mails but what we fail to realizeis that it can be the first thing to get a part go in full swing. If you need your guests to show up, then intrigue them with your invitation. Rather than using the cliché method of Electronic mail, use handmade cards with thick cursive hand lettering or even printed ones that go with your theme. And make sure they’re sitting inside the post box in your guests’ houses rather than piling up along with the 150 unread mails in your friend’s phone!

Keep The Environment Exclusive.

Lights and the location. They’re two important things to consider before you throw a party. You can book an open air area along the beach where the clouds will do their thing or an indoor area with a mesmerizing view of the evening sunset. Make sure it suits your theme. Or if you’re concerned about your budget and you’d like to stick to your house, then transform each and every area into a whole new place, like your living room into a game zone and your dining into to an amazing high tea area. With the right deco, you can dress up a plain space into something elegant and extraordinary.

Get Distinctive With the Decoration.

From your front porch to your backyard, make sure you’ve got a something glam and glittery to steal eyes and turn necks. Go with anything that’s comfortable yet eccentric with a bit of a magical ambiance to it. For example if it’s a christening party it would be a great idea be to use a needle and thread through marshmallows and create long strings of them so that they hang from the ceiling down in different heights reaching down to the gourmet platter and the customised cake with the christening cakes Auckland logo on it. You can also create a photo booth backdrop using spring flowers and leaves and give out chic flower crowns. 

Serve Food That’s Lip-smacking.

Instead of settling with the stereotypical cheese pastries and nut brownies, have supremely different yet delectable snacks that would be talked of. Firstly for the cake, if you’re throwing your 21st birthday party and living in the north of New Zealand then google search for nice 21st bd cakes and you’ll be bombarded with a list of places you can choose from. Order the cake which best suits your party online and Bam! It will be delivered right to your doorstep. Alsofor the food, Barbeque pineapple meatball sticks along with the chilli sauce dip, would be ideal for those with a flair for spicy food and spinach balls for all the strict vegetarians out there. Drawers from a pretty antique desk would act as great trays for these yummy goodies. Set up a DIY apple caramel bar and have melted chocolate for dipping and drizzling, the freshly cut cubes of fruits. That way you can make sure everyone has a snack to match their taste.

Go Groovy With the Entertainment

What’s a party without a whole lot of fun and entertainment? But this time instead of having bland mass produced pop music blasting from your speakers, choose your playlist carefully. Keep the music chill and warm when it’s time to eat and turn up the tunes when it’s time to rock the dance floor. In addition, who doesn’t like some Netflix and chill? Give your guests an outdoor movie experience and use a projector under the night sky that’s a canopy of stars and throw in some cosy sheets to mask the chill breeze. You can also turn your party into a totally cool one by showing some sports videos or even photos that’ll stir up memories whilst having music blaring in the background.